Pregnancy Topics are in-depth reviews of major maternity issues. Each Pregnancy Topic contains an overview, a discussion of your options, a summary of results of the best available research about the safety and effectiveness of these options, and tips and tools that can help with your decision.  This website also contains an extensive list of Recommended Resources that can help you take action once you make your decision.
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Inside Pregnancy Topics:

Induction of Labor

Many commonly cited reasons for induction of labor are not supported by research. Find out about the benefits, risks, and appropriate uses of labor induction, and learn how to make informed choices at the end of pregnancy.

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Choosing a Caregiver

Your caregiver affects your entire childbearing year, from the information you receive to the choices you have. You can learn about types of caregivers, which one is right for you, and how to find one here.

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Choosing a Birth Setting

It is important to make an informed decision about where and how you will give birth. Different birth settings provide you with different options for labor and delivery.

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Labor Support

Who will help you during labor? Why might you need support? Know what your options are -- from nurses and midwives, to doulas and partners -- and how to prepare.

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Labor Pain

Labor pain is often one of the biggest concerns women have about giving birth. This section thoroughly discusses all aspects of labor pain from strategies for coping to types of pain relief.

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Cesarean Section

Cesarean section is on the rise in the U.S. It is important to know when and why a c-section is necessary or not. Understand your options using our in depth comparison of cesarean and vaginal birth.

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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

This section contains trustworthy information about how to prevent pelvic floor dysfunction when giving birth.

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VBAC or Repeat C-Section

If you have had a cesarean section in the past, you need to understand the trade-offs between VBAC and repeat c-section. Careful planning can help you reach your goals for giving birth.

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