Our current maternity care system is in crisis. Deficiencies include harmful and wasteful overuse of many practices, underuse of beneficial practices and unwarranted variations in practice throughout the country. But with your gift, real transformation is possible. Every dollar you donate will fuel our policy work and contribute to positive change.
Thank you very much to this list of generous supporters!

Levels of Giving

$ 1,000 or more:
$ 500-999:
$ 250-499:
$ 100-249:
$ 1-99:

Patricia Burkhardt, CNM, DrPH
Dee Jeffers, RN, MPH
Donna Lynne
Frank Mazza, MD
  in honor of Anthony Mazza
Barbara Mastorgi Rincon
Carol Sakala
Emily Stern
Kimberly Whitfill, MS, CNM

Maureen and James Corry
Zola D. Golub
Kari & Mike Hancock
InJoy Birth and Parenting Education
Sandra Lazo & Donald Layton
Martha Roth, L.M.
Louise H. Stephaich
Thomas and Frances Thacher

Allison M. Blinken of the Blinken Foundation
Sabina Deaton
Dale Hoffman
Holly Powell Kennedy
  in honor of Lou Powell
Payne M. Middleton
Abigail Reagan, LM, CPM
Barry D. Smith, MD
Deanne Williams, CNM
  in honor of Maureen Corry, Carol Sakala, and Rima Jolivet
Jason and Amy Yotopoulis
  in memory of Donna Driscoll, midwife who delivered their beautiful daughter


Melissa Avery
Birthcare & Women's Health, Ltd.
Emalie Gibbons Baker
Dolly Browder
Dr. Wendy C. Budin
Helen Varney Burst
  in Honor of Ruth Lubic and Kitty Ernst
Eileen Connolly
Jane A. Dick
  in honor of all women, The Sisterhood
Rachel Epstein
  in honor of Emily E. Landau
Mike Feigal
Megan Findley
Judith Goldberger
  in honor of Heidi Lyle, CNM
Marjorie Greenfield
Sandra R. Haldeman, M.D., P.A.
  in honor of Dorothea Lang, CNM
Lorenza Holt
Kim James
Nicette Jukelevics
Stacey Marie Kerr, MD
Phyllis & Marshall Klaus
C.M.C. Knight
Dorothea M. Lang, CNM, MPH
 in honor of Doris Haire, Pioneer Maternal/Newborn Health Activist

Guests of Elizabeth Lauro's Baby Shower
  in honor of Baby Boy Ban Lauro
Kristen Leonard
Francie Likis, DrPH, NP, CNM
Judith Lothian
  in memory of Ruth McLaughlin and Margaret Lothian
Joanne M. Middleton, CNM
Harold Miller and Sharon E. Miller
Patricia Mixon
Wendy R. Nadel
Lucie Neiman
North American Registry of Midwives
Brynne Ortquist
Dr. Denise Remus
Seattle Midwifery School
Penny Simkin
Thomas D. Thacher II
Allison Walsh
Kathleen C. Walsh
  in honor of Geneva M. Walsh
Ruth Wilf, CNM, PhD
  in honor of Kate Winkler
Margaret Yawman

Wendy Barr
  in memory of Heather Brooks Carmichael
Louise Racine Bastarache, CNM
   in honor of Kitty Ernst, who gave her the opportunity to be a midwife
Janet Brooks
  in honor of her amazing patients!
Lynes Buchberg
Catherine Burys
Penny Bussell
David B. Chamberlain, Psychologist
Linda Chororos
Daniel V. Corry
  in honor of Patricia A. Corry
Ann E. Culkin
Karen Edland
Elizabeth Bing NYC Chapter Lamaze International
Dana Ericson
Rose Fife, CNM
Cynthia Flynn
Susan Gaskill
Holly Gimbel
Henci Goer
Violet J. Goldman
Susan L. Greene
Estelle N. Grygent
Linda Hamlin
  in Memory of Susan Stein CNM, MCA Childbearing Center staff midwife
Ellen Harris-Braun
Katie James, Inc.
  in honor of Betsy Hellmuth and Linda Martin, two great mothers
R. Rima Jolivet
Lorraine V. Klerman
Maryanne Laffin
  in honor of Dorothea Lang, midwife
Judith Lienhard
Karena Lindell
Susan Melnikow, MS, CNM
  in memory of Gloria Riemenschneider
Midwives Association of WA State
Suzy Myers
Joanne Myers-Ciecko
Roberta Mylan $25
Kelly Olmstead
Michele Ondeck
Dr. Lisa Paine
  in honor of Deanne Williams, CNM, MS, FACNM
Marguerite Perinelli
  in honor of Rose Conti
Mary Lou Reed, CNM
  in honor of Mary Jean Tibbott, who was a wonderful mother, wife and loved by many friends and family
Theresa Reichley
Amy Romano
Rebekah L. Ruppe
Bob and Harriet Selverstone
Teresa Shilling
Stephanie Sosnowski
Penny Bussell Stansfield
Edie Swihart
Robin Elise Weiss
Billee Wolff
Deborah Woolley
  in honor of Penny Simkin
Diony Young

Transforming Maternity Care Symposium Co-sponsors
American College of Nurse-Midwives
Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs
Milbank Memorial Fund
National Association of Certified Professional Midwives
O'Neill Institute of National and Global Health Law, Georgetown University
Premier, Inc.
WellPoint, Inc.

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Childbirth Connection has joined forces with and become a core program of the National Partnership for Women & Families.
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