Can't I get enough support just from my spouse/partner?

While this is an exciting time for you and your partner, it's a big ask to give your partner primary responsibility for supporting you through labor. Here are a few reasons it might be good to have another person in the room:

  • The labor process can put pressure on your partner, who may have little or no prior familiarity with birth.
  • Your spouse or partner might have strong emotional needs of his or her own during the experience. Having someone with more experience there can give loved ones practical ideas for helping with your comfort, reassure them and address their needs.
  • Your spouse or partner may not be well suited to this physically and emotionally nurturing role.
  • The lack of privacy and the impersonal atmosphere in the hospital may inhibit that nurturing.
  • Having an additional person in the room allows your loved one to take a needed break and relieves pressure to meet your every labor support need.
  • If your labor is intense, you might enjoy having more than one person to help you. For example, you may want one person in front of you talking you through each contraction while the other is behind you pressing on your lower back. If labor is long, members of your support team can relieve one another so that you always have someone relatively refreshed working with you.