If I plan a VBAC, how can I avoid problems with the scar?

Try to:

  • Wait at least 9 months before trying to conceive again. Research suggests that you are less likely to have a problem with the scar rupturing in labor if there is at least 18 months between births.
  • Avoid induction of labor whenever possible. The medications used during labor induction may increase the risk of scar rupture and do increase the likelihood that the labor will end with a C-section for some groups of women. Therefore, it's best to avoid induction unless it's medically necessary. Read more in the Induction section.
  • If your labor is being induced, avoid cervical ripening agents. These can also weaken the scar, increasing the risk of rupture. Read more about the role of cervical ripening agents and rupture here.
  • Avoid use of synthetic oxytocin (Pitocin or "Pit") early in labor. Once labor is well underway, Pitocin doesn't seem to cause a problem, possibly because more forceful contractions over a longer period of time are needed to get labor going than to help it along once it is in progress.