What if I can't find a hospital and care provider who will support my wish for VBAC?

The VBAC Resources page provides links for locating providers and facilities that offer VBAC. If you feel strongly about having a VBAC and can't find someone to provide this service close to your home, you may wish to consider driving farther to access supportive care or even moving temporarily (consider staying with a friend or relative) to a place where you can get a VBAC.

You may be able to find a provider who is willing to try VBAC outside of the hospital, at home or in a birth center. Keep in mind that while many birth centers and home birth practitioners have had good success with helping women who plan VBAC achieve vaginal birth, a national study of VBAC in birth centers found that because it has risks, VBAC should be performed in a hospital setting.