Are there any situations where the risk of the scar rupturing is so high I shouldn’t try for VBAC?

Almost all care providers, including those who usually encourage VBAC, would strongly recommend planned cesarean in the following situations because, on average, the scar will rupture in 8 to 12 out of every 100 women:

  • Your uterine scar is not side-to-side (low transverse scar), because it may be weaker. It could be a vertical (classical) scar or an upside-down T- or J-shaped scar.
  • You have had previous uterine surgery for gynecologic problems, like removing fibroids.
  • Your uterine scar opened and caused problems in a previous labor. The fact that it caused problems before is the important part; often scar openings are small and harmless and don’t indicate future problems.