What will my insurance cover?

You will need to make some phone calls to answer this common question. First, call your chosen birth setting and be sure that it accepts your insurance. (Information on the website may be out of date, so a phone call is best.)

If your chosen birth setting does accept your insurance, you need to call your insurance company and ask:

  • Does my plan cover care in my chosen birth setting? (Write down the name and location before you call.)
  • Does my plan cover the care provider I have chosen?
  • Are any specific maternity services not covered? (For example, if you are interested in giving birth in an out-of-hospital birth center or at home or in having a doula, it would be wise to understand your insurer’s policies on these services.)

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has brought important changes to maternity care insurance coverage. You can access fact sheets about the ACA’s benefits for pregnant women and new parents at NationalPartnership.org/enroll.