What do the capitalized words mean?

The capitalized words tell you the extra number of women or babies of experiencing a specific problem (such as infection or excessive bleeding) if you give birth in the way that involves more risk.

Excess number of women or babies having a specific problem

Compared with the safer form of care, the care with more risk may cause problems for an additional

VERY LARGE 1,000 to 10,000 of every 10,000 mothers or babies
LARGE 100 to 999
MODERATE 10 to 99
SMALL 1 to 9
VERY SMALL less than 1

This system can help you prepare to make health decisions when some risks are quite common and others are quite rare. You can use the column on the right to understand what is at stake in these decisions. This system will allow you to estimate how a decision will affect your likelihood of experiencing a particular problem. You can focus on the side effects and complications that are especially important to you, or you can look at overall trends.

In general, “limited evidence” means only one study or a small number of small studies looked at the issue. "Data conflict" means some studies found a difference but others did not.

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