Childbirth Connection carried out the first Listening to Mothers survey as a part of its ongoing Listening to Mothers Initiative. Regular and systematic input from mothers throughout the maternity care system is essential for ensuring that needs and interests of women and families are met.

To move forward with results of the first national U.S. survey of women's childbearing experiences, Childbirth Connection has developed a set of recommendations based on key survey findings. The survey results have implications for many different audiences, including maternity caregivers, administrators, policy-makers, the media, and childbearing women themselves. These recommendations are best reviewed and interpreted in the context of the full survey report.

Childbirth Connection is moving forward with the Listening to Mothers Initiative in various ways. These steps include:
  • making the recommendations, full survey report, and survey questionnaire available online
  • carrying out an ongoing media campaign to bring survey results and recommendations to the attention of a broad audience, including mothers themselves (go to the press release)
  • using survey results and recommendations to shape Childbirth Connection programming
  • collaborating with individuals and organizations to bring the results and recommendations to key audiences and engage them in using results and recommendations to improve maternity experiences
  • collaborating with others to use and adapt the survey with specific populations, such as members of a health plan, mothers in a geographic area, or teen moms
  • periodically repeating the survey to monitor maternity trends and provide key audiences with up-to-date information about maternity experiences.

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