Commissioned Labor Pain Research

The Steering Committee for The Nature and Management of Labor Pain developed explicit scopes of work for a series of envisioned papers to help ensure that all important questions would be addressed, and to minimize duplication. The Committee planned a panoramic view of the field that would include papers addressing the safety and effectiveness of specific methods for labor pain relief, as well as other papers providing a context for these methods papers. (Click to see the full set of final authors and paper titles.)

The Committee determined that, where possible, the commissioned papers would use systematic review methodology, which is widely accepted as the most definitive way to determine effects of health practices. A subcommittee developed systematic review methodology guidelines for project authors (click to download a PDF of project guidelines), which were adapted from the leading guidelines for this purpose and reflect broad international consensus (see guidelines for subcommittee procedures and sources).

The Committee invited leading researchers with topical expertise to prepare papers according to carefully specified scopes of work and the project guidelines. Lead authors were welcome to work alone or, at their discretion, to invite co-authors of their choice. After authors developed drafts of their reviews, the full Steering Committee met as an editorial board to review drafts of the papers. The Committee provided feedback to support authors in revising and strengthening their papers prior to presenting them at The Nature and Management of Labor Pain: An Evidence-Based Symposium.

The commissioned papers were presented at this symposium, held in May 2001 at the New York Academy of Medicine. At their discretion, authors further revised their papers after the meeting, before submitting them for publication.

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