Your Growing Body & Baby: Pictures

weeks pregnant picturesThe week by week development of your baby inside of your body during pregnancy is an amazing process. View the development of your pregnancy at milestone weeks to see how your baby is developing. Adapted from our childbirth education tool, The Growing Uterus Charts, eight finely illustrated drawings show the baby's development at various weeks of your pregnancy. Childbirth educators have used The Growing Uterus Charts and the accompanying explanations to illustrate the baby's development during different weeks of pregnancy since 1942.

Inside Your Growing Body & Baby Pictures:

  • Before pregnancy
  • 6 and 7 weeks pregnant
  • 12 weeks pregnant
  • 20 weeks pregnant
  • 28 weeks pregnant
  • 36 weeks pregnant
  • Pregnancy at term (internal views of 40 weeks pregnant)
  • Pregnancy at term (external views of 40 weeks pregnant)

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