Evidence-based practice is a crucial element of contemporary health professional practice. Adoption of an evidence-based framework involves a profound transition in health practice. At the core are questions about what knowledge is authoritative and how to obtain and apply it. These questions are central to clinical practice, policy, research, and professional education, as well as consumer education and shared decision making.

The relevant methodologies are being continually refined, and much knowledge for informing health practice is now in hand. This is especially true for pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care practice, which was the "test case" clinical area that ushered in the era of evidence-based practice beginning in the 1970s. Unfortunately, however, many mothers and babies are not reaping benefits of the knowledge that we do have, and much uncertainty remains.

This resource directory is provided to lend a hand to those who want to plan, practice, and receive care within this essential framework. It includes the following pages:

  • Acronyms: what all those acronyms for tools, agencies and organizations, courses, and databases mean, and how to learn more.
This is not intended to be a resource directory for researchers. The best single resource for carrying out research within the evidence-based paradigm is the Cochrane Methodology Register, a searchable database that currently contains about 14,000 entries.

We hope this leads you to helpful resources and improved care, and we welcome feedback on ways to improve this Evidence-Based Maternity Care Resource Directory. Additional resources for maternity care quality improvement are available on our new site for Transforming Maternity Care.

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