Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about maternity care. We have devoted our efforts to providing you with in-depth, evidence-based information on specific issues in maternity care. Where we cannot provide you with exactly what you need, like a direct referral to a caregiver, we can guide you to a trustworthy organization who can provide you with that information. Our resources are carefully evaluated and hand selected.  You can visit our Resources Policy to learn more about how we evaluate our recommended resources.

Inside Recommended Resources:

Resources A-Z

A comprehensive list organized by subject  of recommended resources. If you've read about an issue in Pregnancy Topics or Stages of Pregnancy and you are ready to take action, you may find an organization, book, website, or journal article here to help you with your decision.

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Recommended Books

You have sifted through so many pregnancy books, but which do you choose to read? We have listed all of our favorite books, organized by subject. These are pregnancy books that share our philosophy on pregnancy, labor and birth. Where available, we've linked them to Amazon so if you'd like to purchase them right away.

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Message Boards

iVillage has an extensive list of different message boards populated with mothers and fathers who share your questions and concerns about different areas of pregnancy. This is a safe environment to share your thoughts and feelings with others. Each board has a moderator that occasionally provides links to websites like ours who can give you more specific and reliable guidance.

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