Listening to Mothers I Survey and Report (2002)

Our landmark 2002 Listening to Mothers survey was the first time that U.S. women had an opportunity to describe their maternity experiences and assessment of those experiences at the national level. Harris Interactive conducted the survey, and a multi-disciplinary National Advisory Council of representatives from diverse organizations contributed to survey planning, implementation and reporting.

Listening to Mothers I results provide a new level of understanding of many dimensions of the maternity experience and have been appreciated by a broad range of groups and individuals involved with childbearing families, as well as mothers themselves. Survey results and Childbirth's Connection's Recommendations based on the results are being used to improve policies, programs and services; to educate women and health professionals; and to identify research priorities.

In 2003, Doulas of North America awarded Childbirth Connection (then known as Maternity Center Association) its first John Kennell and Marshall Klaus Award for Excellence in Research, in recognition of the first Listening to Mothers survey.

Inside Listening to Mothers I:

About the Survey

Explains survey objectives, participants, and topic areas, as well as groups involved with the survey.

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Survey Results

Includes survey highlights focusing on women's prenatal and birth experiences; after the baby is born; looking at some important variations in experience; and attitudes about birth and understanding of maternity rights. A full and free PDF of the survey results is available here.

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Describes Childbirth Connection's recommendations based on the survey results.

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National Advisory Council

Identifies multi-disciplinary Council members who provided guidance on the planning, implementation, and reporting of this survey, and the organizations they represented.

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Forum & Supporters

We released the survey results at the Manhattan Center in New York City on October 24, 2002. Learn about the event and the collaborating organizations and forum supporters who participated.

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