Milestones in the First Month


  • Jerky, quivering arm thrusts
  • Hands in tight fists
  • Brings hands within range of eyes and mouth
  • Head moves from side to side when lying on tummy
  • Head flops if not supported

Sight, Sound, and Speech

  • Focuses 8 to 12 inches away
  • Eyes wander and occasionally cross
  • Prefers black-and-white or high-contrast patterns
  • Prefers human face "pattern"
  • Hearing is fully mature
  • May turn toward familiar sound or voice

Watch List

Call your baby's health care provider if your baby shows any of the following signs of developmental delay during the second, third, or fourth weeks of her life:
  • Sucks poorly
  • Doesn't blink when shown bright light
  • Can't focus and follow a nearby object moving side to side
  • Rarely moves limbs, or seems stiff
  • Seems very loose-limbed or very floppy
  • Lower jaw trembles constantly, even when not crying or excited
  • Doesn't respond to loud sounds

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