Supporter Roster for Maternity Quality Matters Campaign : 2008

Every dollar donated helps raise awareness of serious concerns about maternity care. Even more importantly, donated funds help foster positive, progressive change. Through Maternity Quality Matters and your support, Childbirth Connection will take advantage of unprecedented opportunities for impact and change. If mothers and babies matter to you, Maternity Quality Matters…and so does your support. Thank you very much to this generous list of supporters!

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Maternity Quality Matters Champion
Maternity Quality Matters Leader
Maternity Quality Matters Supporter
Maternity Quality Matters Contributor
Maternity Quality Matters Friend

Maternity Quality Matters Champion
Phyllis Farley
Kira and Gordon Gould
Brooks Hamblett
Donna Lynne
Emily Hoffman Stern
Kathleen Walsh
Kimberly Whitfill

Maternity Quality Matters Leader
Allison M. Blinken of the Blinken Foundation
Maureen and James Corry
 in memory of Ilana Stein
Zola D. Golub
Rob and Kimberly (Whitfill) Kay
Jane Pincus
Carol Sakala
  in memory of Ilana Stein
Louise H. Stephaich
Thomas & Frances Thacher, Jr.

Maternity Quality Matters Supporter
Mary Ann Baiyor and Ira Handler
Matthew Chapman
  in honor of Doris Haire
Maureen & James Corry
Sabina Deaton
Kitty Ernst
 in honor of Ruth Lubic
Kari & Mike Hancock
Douglas Laube, MD
Christine H. Morton and Marc A. Smith
  in honor of Helen Morton and Mary Morton
Deanne Williams, CNM
  in honor of Maureen Corry, Carol Sakala, and Rima Jolivet

Maternity Quality Matters Contributor
Debby Amis
BirthCare & Women's Health, Ltd.
Emalie Gibbons Baker
Dr. Wendy Barr
Dr. Wendy C. Budin
Eileen Connolly
Matthew and Kerri Corry
Doris Donaldson
Ann Geisler
Susan Greene CNM
Jessica Harris
 in honor of Joan V. Sykes, Lillian Bryson and In Memory of Charlotte Rumsfield, Margaret Kestler
Kate Jordan
Dr. Michael Klein
Dorothea M. Lang, CNM, MPH
  in honor of Doris Haire, Pioneer Maternal/Newborn Health Activist
Francie Likis, DrPH, NP, CNM
Judith Lothian
Shari I. Lusskin, MD
Bridget Lynch
Midwifery of Manhattan
Judith Norsigian
  in honor of Norma Swenson
Celeste Rachell
  in memory of Ilana Stein
Richard Roberts
Ilana Stein
Joyce Lynn Thomas
Diony Young

Maternity Quality Matters Friend
Albuquerque Birth Network
Molly Brom
Janet Brooks, Midwife
Elizabeth Brownlee
David B. Chamberlain, Psychologist
Shannon Converse
John N. D'Alessio
Roseanne Ebert
Leah Eister-Hargrave
Rose Fife CNM
Meredith Goff
 in honor of My Daughters
Katie Hellmuth of Katie James, LLC
  in honor of Courtney Jonke and Family - a true friend and amazing mother!
Carolyn Keefe
Christina Kennedy
Andrew Knox
Nicole Lassiter
Judith Lienhard
Judy Major
Janet and Ken Mandel
 in memory of Ilana Stein
Trish McPeak-LaRocca
 in memory of Mary Breckinridge
Joanne Middleton, Nurse Midwifery Associates
Brenda Parrish
Cynthia Pinder
  in memory of Mrs. Della Ashford
Donna Rarey
Amy Romano
Gerri Ryan
Jane D Sakala
Teri Shilling
Sheila Scotese-Spremulli
 in memory of My Motherline
Tanya Scovill
  in memory of Donna Driscoll, beloved midwife
Robert and Harriet Selverstone
Diane Speier
Susan Studebaker
Maureen Wahhab
Robin Elise Weiss
Paula Wiemers
 in memory of Gabriel Galindo
Sarah Winfrey, CD(DONA)
Billee Wolff

Transforming Maternity Care Symposium Co-sponsors
Kaiser Permanente
Transforming Birth Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

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